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Rules for seasonal camping

One family per campsite (parents and their dependent children) Children 18 years: of age or under is allowed in the park without adult supervision. Renting your trailer or allowing others to use it while you are away is not allowed unless we are notified.  Anyone using the trailer, other than the owner, is required to register at the office upon arrival, and is subject to the daily rate; failing to do so will result in contract termination. It is your responsibility to educate your visitors about our rules and that they abide by them.


Each site may have the following: one trailer, kitchen tent and manufactured shed. All sites changes: patios, decks, manufactured additions etc. must be approved by park management. Wheels must not be removed from the trailer.


Sites must be kept clean, neat and the grass cut at all times. Empty bottles &cases etc. are to be out of sight. Unsightly building materials, skids, furniture etc. Shall not be stored on site. Clothing lines should be placed as discretely as possible and not used at all on weekends.


Our seasonal rates and other charges apply to those who stay the full season. Should you desire or are asked to leave before the season ends, the daily rate will apply for the time your trailer is on the campsite.


Only one (max. 1ft x 1ft) "for sale" sign placed inside the trailers allowed. Please note that site fees are not transferable and buyer wishing to remain on the campsite is by approval of management only. All trailers for sale while on park property are subject to vendor/transfer fee: otherwise they must be removed from the park. All trailers for sale must be under 20 years of age.


Quiet hours must be strictly maintained from 11 pm to 8 am.


Possession of air guns, firearms, slingshots or archery equipment is prohibited.


Excessive drinking and profane language will not be tolerated. Alcoholic beverages only allowed on your own campsites. Soliciting or peddling within the park is not permitted without park management approval.
Pets are to be supervised and on leash at all times, not disturbing others. Owners are responsible to clean after their pets. Dogs are not allowed into the buildings, beach or playground area. Dobermans, Rottweilers, Pit- bulls, Bullterriers and any other dogs showing any sign of aggression are not allowed in the park. No DOGS other than those of trailer owner and immediate family.


Trailers are to be washed during the week.


All garbage to be dumped in park dump station. Burning toxic materials are not allowed in the park. Leaves dumping in designated area only. When vacating the site, leave it in a clean and tidy manner. Trees may not be cut down or damaged in any way no matter what their size or condition.


Accompany your children in the washrooms. Do not flush anything other than toilet paper: to help us keep our washrooms clean please report any problems to the office.


Speed limit throughout the park is 5 km/h. Working lights required for riding after dark.


Total exterior lights must not exceed 100 watts. Please do not leave lights on all night or while you are away. An additional refrigerator must be place in the shed that is ventilated.


No fishing or kids playing allowed on docks. Both apply to trailer owners and guests.


The owner, Management and their staff absolve themselves of all liability or responsibility pertaining to loss or injury by fire, theft, accident or any other cause whether by negligence or otherwise. Campers are therefore urged to take out an insurance policy in order to protect their property (trailers, boats, etc).


Boat trailers, utility trailers and other watercrafts must be parked in the designated area. Parking on the roads within the park or on empty trailer sites is not permitted.


We reserved the right to refuse anyone admission and/or evict anyone who causes a disturbance, fail to remit any payments, does not comply with our rules or the law or who willfully defaces or destroys any property. In the event that leased campsite shall be repossessed, any goods including trailer left on the site shall be deemed to be an article as defined by the Repairs and Storage Lines Act of Ontario, and may be removed by the Inner Bay Marina Owner, (who shall be deemed to be a lien claimant) and stored under the Act, to whatever location the Owner deems appropriate. In the case of removal and storage the Owner will not be responsible for any loss or damage to such goods.
Holding tank pumps must be paid for in advance.


Campfires: No more than two feet high (or knee high) and must be put out by 12:00 PM. ONLY firewood purchased in park is allowed to be burned. No firewood can be brought into park because of the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer that are killing trees.Fire pits need to be free of any kind of trash (ex. paper, cigarettes, trash, etc.)


No refunds.




The Park Is For All to Share And Enjoy Please Help Us To Keep It Pleasant, Neat & Clean For You.